Tired of Junk? We Can Help!

For all our Junk Removal Services, we send a truck and a crew of 3 people. You’ll never have to do any heavy lifting – our crew will make sure to remove all your junk and get it into the truck.

Our trucks capacity is 1 and a half loads (24 cubic yards). We can help with junk removal in New York City – we serve all five boroughs.


Have any questions about our pricing? Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-355-5865

*Prices are doubled for heavy debris (construction debris, sand, concrete, etc)

By The Cubic Yard

3 Cubic Yards $200
6 Cubic Yards $260
9 Cubic Yards $390
12 Cubic Yards $520
15 Cubic Yards $650
18 Cubic Yards $780
21 Cubic Yards $910
24 Cubic Yards $1040